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A Day at CK9 Farm!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What goes on daily here at Cadence K9?

Enriching activities and an action-packed day to challenge your pup mentally and physically!

Dogs start and end their days with a potty break! From 7am -8 am and 8pm-9pm all dogs take turns going outside; some are let out individually while others are in play groups, the goal of this outing is to wake up stretch and use the potty!

Our dogs get breakfast throughout the mid morning, and get dinner around 5 p.m. We enjoy feeding our dogs out of dog food dispensers,snuffle mats and other toys to allow them to engage mentally. Training dogs are hand fed during training to teach behaviors.

Each dog participates in playtime, and activities here at Cadence K9. These include but are not limited to: Walking, Long line runs, Yard Play with active engaged Caretakers, Training time, Flirt Pole, Agility, K9 Fitness, Swimming, Nose Work, Obedience , Group play and one on one staff time.

During the day we share an Instagram and Facebook story so that our pups’ owners can see them daily.

During downtimes, dogs are kept in air conditioned and monitored lodging. Most dogs take this opportunity to rest between sessions.

We provide bones, chew toys and other enrichment toys for pups to keep occupied. We keep our kennel calm and quiet, with music for a relaxing and safe atmosphere.

Cadence K9 Miami Dog Training makes sure that every dogs’ needs are addressed differently, because just like humans, dogs are not the same.

The order of the day is as follows:

  • Potty Break

  • Playtime and or Activity and or Training

  • Potty Break

  • Playtime and or Activities and or Training

  • Playtime and or Activities and or Training

  • Playtime and or Potty breaks

We have created the best day for dogs, filled with tons of mentaly and physically satisfying activities.

We hope you will join us in enjoying life with your dog!

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