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Heart and Soul training methods

Here at Cadence K9 we train dogs using Heart and Soul training.

This means that every dog here is trained with love, and we want them to look forward to training and train with their heart and soul.

We want every dog to LOVE working with us.

We want our dogs to enjoy obedience rather than think it is a chore

How do we achieve this? We start by finding something your dog loves. Food, treat, toys, praise whatever bring happiness to them. We use this motivation to teach commands necessary to live a happy healthy life. We spend majority of our time teaching dogs the commands that lead to a life of happiness. We also teach dogs that balance is necessary. We tell our dogs no, " no you cannot run out into the street" "no you cannot jump on that person and injure them" " no you cannot crowd that dog because it needs space." We know that dogs with balance are the happiest kind. Dogs with our type of training can achieve anything imaginable.

Dogs need our help in managing this crazy world. Train with us to learn how to enjoy life with your dog.

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