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In Training

I brought my collie, Sarabi to an event recently and she was wearing this cute, "In Training" vest.

"Is that your dog?” an acquaintance asked. “Haven't you already trained her?"

“Dogs are always in training," I said.

She rolled her eyes, scoffed and moved on.

This really sparked my interest in the common misconception that dogs, that are trained, are finished and do not need any maintenance.

I make sure all of our clients know that dogs will never be "finished training.” In order to maintain a level of obedience you must continue to train and engage with your dog.

I do not know where the misconception came from that once a dogs learns something, they know it forever - dogs are not robots.

Ex. A stop sign while driving means stop, and the potential consequence may be a ticket, but sometimes I may need to be somewhere fast and I may run that stop sign, but most times I stop.

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