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Methods and Training Tools

What Methods do we use to train?

We use many methods and tools to train. We use positive reinforcement and also a toolbox assorted with goodies. Every dog that comes into our training program receives a personalized training plan. Every dog is different, therefore not every dog gets trained the exact same way. We use treats and toys with our dogs, we know that a positive and trusting relationship is one of the biggest tools we have. Using treats, toys and motivation we teach our dogs the behaviors needed to succeed in society.

We also use training tools such as slip leads, clickers, halters, prong collars, e-collars, doggie don’t, and the pet convincers.

These tools need to be taught to each dog so the dog knows how the tool works. We always take our time and teach each dog what the tool is.


An E-collar is a tens unit, they make and sell these units at many stores for pain management and relief. The unit squeezes the muscles, we use this squeezing sensation and teach our pups that this collar is used as a Bluetooth leash. The levels people use on themselves are in fact higher than the levels we use on dogs to train. The very first lesson we teach an association of the e-collar and to pair that with a human. That is where the magic happens, after our dog learns that this squeezing on his neck is us, anytime I push that button they turn to look at me. These collars not only have the ability to help a dog become off leash reliable, but can help with integrating a dog aggressive or dog reactive dog back into society.

Prong Collars

Prong collar is a metal collar that has dulled points on it that applies even pressure to a dogs neck. The fitting of the collar is of the utmost importance and NO pressure should be on the dog when the collar is not tight. When the dog starts to pull, or be lead somewhere slight pressure is put onto the prongs. This collar and pressure and release system is something that we teach our dogs to understand, they do not know this system naturally.

Doggie Don’t & Pet convincer

The doggie don’t is a training tool that uses a loud noise to interrupt dogs behavior. The pet convincors also interrupts behavior by using a quick spray of air to interrupt. We use these tools to help with barking, jumping, lunging, aggression, and more.

We do use training tools that are considered controversial, we have saved many dogs lives with these types of tools. Some dogs that are aggressive, fearful, anxious are uncontrollable without these tools would not be able to thrive and be manageable in everyday life. We ensure that we teach our dogs behaviors before we use training tools. Our dogs tails wag and they get excited every time we go to train.

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