Private Dog Training Lessons

Do you have a dog who jumps on everyone, chews everything, barks non-stop, drags you down the street or generally embarrasses you in public?

Are you worried that if you don't fix these problems they may spiral further out of control?


Imagine if your dog sat politely waiting for you to invite them to calmly meet new people instead of trampling them with their paws.


How would you like it if you dropped something dangerous on the floor and knew you could easily ask your dog not to pick it up. 


In a Private lesson, we will work together to work on:


Pulling on leash

Puppy training

Canine Good Citizen Test

Service Dog Training

Any behavior problem

We will teach you the essentials to go from chaos to calm at home and on a leash. 



Lake Chemung Park

5205 E Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843


Video resources to reference

Written materials

Training plan

Email support




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