Showbiz Workshop

by: Chrissy Joy

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Meet the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group and learn about the entertainment industry in this exclusive workshop of tips, tricks, and the insider information of having dogs in the entertainment industry.

Interested in getting your dog in movies, print, commercials, and more? 


Led by Chrissy Joy, Celebrity Canine Trainer and established canine studio trainer with credits including, but not limited to, Rachael Ray, FOX, NBC, ABC, Animal Planet, The Today Show, Paramount Pictures, Chewy, and much more.

Saturday, April 4th

10am-1pm: Intro to Showbiz 2pm-5pm: Intro to Showbiz

5:15 pm-7pm: Talent Showcase

Day one will cover everything from the audition process to set work - including some challenging training skills to add to your repertoire.  Learn the necessary basics of the business, skills, how to be prepared, and necessary training.

Talent Showcase

This is a fun, stress-free event that allows handlers to perform with their dog. Whether it be unique tricks, a whole skit, or just showing off their dog’s excellent obedience. This is a great chance for the hosts to scout possible future stars! There will be winners for fun categories and prizes supplied from the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group’s sponsors.

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Sunday, April 5th

10am-1pm : Advanced Methods of Showbiz

Day two, our Advanced Methods, will take you down a fun and exciting path of reenacting actual scripts, storyboards, and scenes within an actual studio set up.  This will be a great test for both dog and handler!  Join us for insiders’ access to getting involved and paving your way to new adventures and a better bond with your dog.

Bountiful Hound Headshots

Each workshop session will end with the opportunity to get professional head-shots of your dog (photography by Bountiful Hound) and the chance to be scouted for future work through the many agencies that work with BTG.


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Bountiful Hound Headshots







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