Ditch the Domination

If you were to let your dog loose with a pack of wolves, how do you think he would do? More than likely he would not survive. There are a few dogs that would be exceptions to this rule. Nowadays dogs are bred to please humans. Even dogs that are ‘protection and or working dogs’ are selected and bred to please. We have breeders that carefully pick selective traits and breed to better the breed. Even dogs that are not ‘purebread’ (shelter dogs) (backyard breeders) are dogs that are fully domesticated. Proof of domesticated dogs can be traced back to at least ten thousand years ago; these ten thousand years have allowed dogs to become VERY domesticated. The “domination” theory comes from wolves

Methods and Training Tools

What Methods do we use to train? We use many methods and tools to train. We use positive reinforcement and also a toolbox assorted with goodies. Every dog that comes into our training program receives a personalized training plan. Every dog is different, therefore not every dog gets trained the exact same way. We use treats and toys with our dogs, we know that a positive and trusting relationship is one of the biggest tools we have. Using treats, toys and motivation we teach our dogs the behaviors needed to succeed in society. We also use training tools such as slip leads, clickers, halters, prong collars, e-collars, doggie don’t, and the pet convincers. These tools need to be taught to each

Dedication, time & patience

Training a dog takes #dedication , it takes #time, and also a lot of #patience. We’re forced in modern society to jump to quick fixes, as we know those results won’t last. In order to have an obedient dog we must dedicate time to them. Literally stepping outside with our dogs and engaging, this takes energy from the human also(lazy humans won’t do this) If we spend time with our dogs regularly this creates a great momentum or dedication towards your relationship. Dog training and a good relationship also takes patience. Dogs learn best with hundreds of repetitions and will learn more productively when the human does not get frustrated. Stay dedicated, spend time with your pooch and learn w

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