Our Team:           

Rebecca Pasko - Founder CK9 & Lead Trainer

Rebecca is a Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist.

She grew up on a farm in Howell, Michigan. At 8 years old she joined a club

called 4-H, this organization changed her life, it introduced her to dog training. She went 

on to not only learn, but compete in dog sports and competitions weekly. Rebecca donated

her evenings and weekends to traveling with her mentors and learning how to work with

dogs. The more Rebecca trained, her passion became her specialty.


Rebecca joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008, during her time in the corps, she toured Afghanistan and Djibouti, Africa. While in the Marines Rebecca was a motivator, as she rapidly excelled at her position as an ordnance technician on CH-53 helicopters . In additional to understanding weaopn systems, Rebecca gained the knowledge and training required to become Air Crew and joined the Female Engagement Team for peacekeeping missions. In 2012, Rebecca knew something was missing and left the Marines.


She took an internship position with Dog Training Company and Volunteered her time to learn more. After her internship, she was hired as a dog trainer and it was during her time here that she was given the opportunity to train Service Dogs for Veterans. Rebecca impacted veterans' lives by training and donating service dogs for suffering veterans.

Rebecca moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2014 and opened her first dog training location. During her time in Arizona, she was able to regularly attend seminars to continue to keep learning from the best trainers in the world. Her training style developed into a unique method that emphasizes the bond between dogs and owner with serious results.

Summer 2016, Rebecca opened the Miami location of Cadence K9. Her clients travel from all over South Florida to come learn her style of training. Cadence K9 dog training programs are saving the lives of dogs that would ordinarily be euthanized. Cadence K9 is continuously growing, learning, and most importantly, saving the lives of dogs.

Her Dogs (past/present):

Classie - Rough Collie

Cadence - Blue Merle Border Collie

Roxy - Black and White Border Collie

Nova - Black and White Border Collie

Nala - White Pomeranian

Sarabi - Rough Collie

Mufasa - Boxer

Bodhi - Boykin Spaniel

Kismet - Black and White Border Collie

Fred - (found roaming the streets, looking for a home)

Competed and titled in:

AKC Rally

AKC Conformation

AKC Agility


North American Dock Diving


Meli Jurado - Partner & Trainer




Meli got her first dog at the age of 34, and the experience changed her life forever. 

She attributes her happiness today in large part to the relationship she has built with

her dog and what it has taught her about herself, living in the moment, and living life

to the fullest.  Inspired by the positive changes that having a dog made in her life, 

Meli changed her career.


Before becoming a dog trainer, Meli spent 15 years as a director, manager, and coach in the fitness industry.  She uses her knowledge and experience in human movement and behavior change with dogs daily.  She believes the most compelling point of behavior change for dogs is helping pet owners understand to communicate and relate to their dogs differently.  


Integrating multiple disciplines into the world of dogs gives Meli a unique and creative perspective.  She suggests that there are fundamental needs that humans and dogs have in common such as the need for exercise/movement, the need for mental stimulation, and the need for love/companionship.  Meli proposes that by living together, both species can support each other in meeting these needs and significantly increase their overall fulfillment.


Meli joined CadenceK9 in 2017.  As a lifelong learner, she loves being part of a highly educated, conscientious, and mission-driven company and looks forward to continuing to help others enjoy lives with their dogs by their side.

Her animals:

Rebel - Collie


Lauren Inderbitzin - Training and Enrichment


Lauren has grown up with a passion and love for training animals of all kinds. Her early

love of animals was fostered by her family, who provided her with many animal

opportunities. There were always dogs in the house and at an early age, Lauren was

involved with her local 4-H equestrian club.  Lauren began training both the dogs and

horses in her life before she even had a clear idea of what she was doing. 


When Lauren was young she approached a Dolphin trainer at Sea World and questioned her, “How do I become you?” along with a multitude of helpful advice the trainer stated that she should study psychology. In 2007 Lauren started college at Florida State University and took the Dolphin trainer’s advice, she majored in psychology. Throughout her schooling, she continued to work her studies towards animals. Studying psychology gave Lauren a solid foundation to be an efficient and successful animal trainer. 


In 2012 Lauren had an unbelievable opportunity to join an animal training company where she began to train animals for shows across the country. It was with this company that Lauren honed her training abilities. Lauren trained and performed with animals in shows for roughly 3 years before moving onto work with more exotic animals. 


Lauren began her exotic animal training working with Chimpanzees in San Antonio, Tx. This stepping off point became a pivotal move in Lauren’s training abilities. She began to see the world of animal training as a multidimensional spectrum instead of a black and white manual. Learning to work with wild animals involves a level of patience that applies directly to working with dogs. 


Most recently Lauren is employed as a full-time Elephant and Rhino ZooKeeper. In this position, Lauren has trained many husbandry behaviors and voluntary medical procedures. Lauren is a dog trainer for Cadence K9  and is looking forward to passing on her years of experience to others. With such a diverse background Lauren brings a new approach to dog training. She is ready to help you live a happy healthy life with your four-legged friends. 


Lucas was born in Albany, Ga

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Florida International University.


After the Marines, Lucas bought and moved onto a sailboat as he completed Boat Captain

training and his Dive Instructor Certification. Between sailing the Bahamas and living in St. Thomas, USVI, Lucas completed his Bachelor's degree.

In his spare time, Lucas enjoys going to the gym, kayaking, hiking, traveling, theoretical physics and SCUBA.

Favorite thing about dogs:

Their unconditional companionship and love. 

His animals:

Bodhi - Boykin Spaniel

Sarabi - Collie

Nala - Pomeranian

Kismet - Border Collie

Fred - Fostering for a forever home


Lucas Schauer - Operation Administrator 


Appointment Only

Homestead FL United States 33031

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