About Us!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"

Steve Jobs

Rebecca - Founder/Trainer


Rebecca was born in Howell, Michigan, and grew up on a livestock farm with 4 siblings and many loving creatures.

Growing up she played rugby and enjoyed showing livestock in 4H, but her passion was for dog training. 

She has traveled the world while serving her country and learned from great leaders and organizations.

She is inspired by happy, healthy dogs living alongside their human counterpart and loves being able to impact people's lives through dog training. 

"Dogs make the day better."

  • Dog Shows

  • Dog Sports

  • Traveling

  • Eating

  • Hiking

Melissa - Co-Owner/Trainer


Meli grew up in Miami, FL. 

She made the things she loved a priority in her life and followed it down the rabbit hole. She's passionate about sharing anything that improved her life with others... like dog training!

Exploring a beautiful outdoor setting with her dog Rebel, doing anything fitness, dancing, beach sports, and ultimate frisbee are a few things Meli enjoys doing in her free time. 

She loves how dogs cultivate a sense of presence and play in a world that can sometimes feel too busy to have space for either. 

  • Hiking/Exploring

  • Spending time with family and friends

  • Dancing

  • Cooking

Lauren - Director of Training


Lauren grew up in Lakeland, FL.

She is an FSU Graduate.


Lauren has experience training many exotic animals such as Siberian Lynx, Eurasian Eagle Owls, Lemurs, Capuchins, Chimpanzees, Rhinos, Elephants, and of course... Dogs. 

Her favorite thing to do is to enjoy the peaceful sunrise at the barn with her horse and dog. 

She loves how dogs are always so happy to see you and the companionship they bring. 

"You will always have a friend if you have a dog"

  • Horses

  • Horses

  • More Horses!

  • Did we mention the horses?

Lucas - Director of Operations


Lucas was born in Albany, Georgia, and has lived all over the US from California to the USVI. 

Before graduating from FIU in 2018, he was in the USMC, attended boat captain school, obtained his dive instructor certification, lived in the Virgin Islands, and sailed the Bahamas... twice. 

He loves to go on adventures like kayaking the entire Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West in 9 days or hiking glacier crevices in Iceland. 

His favorite thing about dogs is their dependability and commitment to make us happy. 

  • Kayaking

  • Traveling


  • Family Time

  • Happy Living

Neida - Canine Care

Neida was born and raised in Homestead, FL.

Neida is aspiring to be a zoologist so she can help and study endangered species. 

She loves to visit her parent's home country of El Salvador, where she gets to be in the mountains around beautiful wildlife and farm animals.

She is a hardworking, independent person who enjoys spending time with the people she loves, family, friends, and her pet family. 


  • Playing With Her 5 Dogs

  • Taking Long Walks in the Park

  • Trying New Things

Chasley - Canine Care

From Miami, FL. "305 til I die!"

Chasley is always striving toward her goals. 

Her favorite thing to do is to go to the Everglades after dark with friends to search for amphibians and reptiles.

She's honest, funny, helpful, and loves to relax with a beer and her dog. 


  • Herping

  • Boxing

  • Trying New Food

  • Listening To Music

  • Cooking

Jackie - Canine Care

Jackie has always lived here in Homestead, FL.

She is inspired by challenges in life and loves to help people get up after being knocked down. 


She loves how dogs have a range of personalities, their loyalty, and goofiness.. 

When she's not working, she likes to draw while hanging out at home with her dogs and cats.


  • Art/Drawing

  • Dancing

  • Reading

  • Dog Sports

Natalie - Canine Care

From Miami, FL.

Natalie is inspired and motivated by dogs' unconditional love and the people she cares for.

She enjoys drawing, and her artwork has won awards and has been displayed in museums.

She's happiest when she's spending time with her dog Mocha and her boyfriend Jose. 


  • Art

  • Gardening

  • Making Chunky Blankets

  • Creating Social Media Content

Christan - Guest Services

Christan was born and raised in Miami, FL.

She gets inspiration from witnessing people who are willing to fight for their dreams and motivates her to do the same. 

When the air is ripe with petrichor on a rainy afternoon, Christan loves to slow down and write.


She can even sing one note right in any song!

Her favorite thing about dogs is their willingness to show you their love.


  • Writing/Reading

  • Sketching

  • Dancing Badly

  • Playing Video Games